Residential Demolition and Yard Cleanup

Get a fresh start for your home with Mark Franchi Demolition in South Jersey. Our Sewell, NJ, company handles residential demolition and debris removal, cleaning up your property.

We do everything, including obtaining the permits, hauling, and dumping! One call does it all, so you can focus on what matters most.

Mark Franchi Demolition also does pond retention cleanup and excavating! Call us today to discuss handling your pond.
Removed Debris — Dumping in Sewel, NJ

Clean Up Your Yard

Redoing your driveway, or removing an old swimming pool, pond, or shed? Let us help! We'll visit your home or yard for a free in-person estimate and consultation. Mark from Mark Franchi Demolition will come to your home and give you an accurate assessment of all costs.
Ruined House — Demolition in Sewel, NJ
Demolishing House — Demolition in Sewel, NJ
Demolishing House Wall — Demolition in Sewel, NJ

Recover After Fire or Home Damage

When the unexpected strikes, like fire, lightning, or falling debris, you need a professional demolition company to give you a clean slate. Trust Mark Franchi Demolition.

We treat every home, every yard, every piece of property like it was our own, and take every precaution to ensure no unwanted damage is done.

Our experts demolish and remove damaged structures, haul away the debris, and leave your property open for new development and construction.

Call Mark Franchi Demolition in Sewell, NJ, today at 856-352-4388 to schedule your free in-person estimate.